All bundles must be washed before installing. Wash each bundle 2-3 times and deep condition for 20 min. Herbal Essences is the best shampoo and conditioner to use for your virgin hair. I recommend “the Sleeker the Butter” in the brown bottle and “Hello Hydration” in the blue bottle from Herbal Essences.


Wash hair every 2-3 weeks and deep condition 20 min. with each wash. The longer you condition the better your hair well behave. Don’t vigorously shampoo hair on top of your head or in a bundle. When shampooing your installed hair, it is best to shampoo in the shower or face down in the sink. Before shampooing separate your hair in two ponytails. Angle your head on the left side while shampooing your left ponytail. Repeat the same with the right ponytail. 

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